Choose a Customized Volumizing Shampoo

Different kinds of hair need different kinds of volumizing shampoos. The right kind of volumizing shampoo can make all the difference in how pleased you are with the result for your hair. Baby fine hair needs weightlessness in a shampoo. Look for plumping ingredients such as sugar molecules or starches, polymers, wheat or rice proteins.

Oily hair needs a product that removes all traces of residue. Reach for shampoos that contain detergents such as sodium laureth sulfate. Skip those with heavy conditioners such as silicones.

Super fine strands need a conditioner that moisturizes but doesn’t leave the hair looking limp. Mist dry hair with the lightest conditioner you can get—a lightweight leave-in. Super-dry ends will benefit from an application of regular conditioners on the tips, but make sure to rinse well. Skip the conditioners that rely on creamy formulas.

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