Blonde Ombré Is the Perfect Hair Color for Summer

Sun-kissed ribbons of gold and bronze woven through the hair hint of languid summer hours spent by the pool. Could ombré be the perfect hair color of the season? The trend is perfectly suited for dabbling with lighter tones on a whim and makes scant demand for upkeep. Letting the roots grow out just adds to the drama. Your base hair color likely won’t be blonde if you’re after ombré hair. Deep brown hues look pretty with auburn, golden blonde and white highlights woven throughout.

Blondes and caramel brunettes are experimenting with new shades of pink and rose gold to lend extra oomph to their ombré. We’re accustomed to seeing Julia Robert’s hair in blonde and medium-brown shades, but the actress recently updated by shading gold roots into a peachy hue that brightened her whole face. Roberts’ new rose gold ombre bears a striking resemblance to Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral.

Actress and Busy Tonight host Busy Philipps has shown off a similar coral-pink hue in the past two years. Bella Thorne has been rocking a long, long ponytail that shades from a vibrant orangey-red to a pale-yellow blonde.

Ashleigh Murray of Josie and the Pussycats fame on the CW television series Riverdale has curls that are naturally a deep, dark brown. The singer has added a warm, almost-auburn shade to the mid-length and ends and revved up the dimension and definition of her style. The almost-floor-length hair of TV personality Tammy Rivera shows off at least three classic hair colors from dark brown at the root to blonde for a fun and dramatic look.

While 2019 is seeing a trend away from the boldest chunky ombré versions toward softer and smoother shades, you don’t have to worry about the rules when you decide to try this trending style. There practically aren’t any rules to follow. All you need for ombré hair is shading from one hair color at the roots that eventually becomes a different hue at the ends.

You get to choose an effect that’s subtle or bold, a temperature that’s warm or cool. Ombré works on lengths that range from short to medium to super long. Women with pixie cuts can get the look by adding highlights throughout hair that gets lighter towards the tips. Shorter hair can make ombré look more dramatic because the change in tone is squeezed into a smaller space.

Add a few face-framing babylights to bring your whole style together just like Sarah Jessica Parker instead of using lighter shades exclusively at the bottom. Opt for soft, honey-blonde highlights that rest on your face and you’ll recreate Beyoncé’s subtle ombré. Add volume by popping in some lighter hues starting at the eye line. Rev up a simple wavy bob by asking your stylist to add lighter shades starting around eye-level to accentuate the cheekbones.

You don’t have to reserve the ombré transition for the ends of the hair. Start the new shade wherever you want. Begin transitioning higher up by hinting at the lighter color with sparser highlights if your hair is short. Longer hair can move into ombré quickly by leaving the first few inches of the roots brown before heading into a blonde shade.

Those golden ribbons are guaranteed to add tons of depth and dimension to your summer hair style.

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