An Argument for Early Holiday Shopping

In years past it was almost a rite of passage to procrastinate holiday shopping and to wait for the last-minute online and in-stores sales to snap up great deals. However, and this news may shock you, this year is different. In all seriousness, there’re many reasons, good and bad, to get your holiday shopping out of the way early this year, and we’ll break them down below.

Shipping Delays

Many online retailers are already being very transparent with this, but you should assume your gift is going to take (much) longer than usual to ship to your home or your loved one’s home. If you delay too long, there is a very good chance your gift will not arrive before the big day. Most retailer’s websites will offer shipping deadlines and let you know exactly how far before the holiday to order and what type of shipping you need to get your gift in time.

Pro tip: the longer you wait, the more expensive the shipping costs may become with added Holiday surcharges.

Some Shops Won’t be Open

As COVID cases spike across the country, there’s no way of knowing if retail locations are going to remain open throughout the holiday season for in-person shopping. This could throw a real wrench into things if you find yourself without gifts days before your big holiday and retailers are closed.

Shop now, while you know things are open, if you’re the type of shopper who likes to buy their gifts in person.

Free Shipping and Returns

A lot of online retailers will be offering free shipping, free returns, and an extended return period during the holiday season. This is a great incentive to shop now. If the gift isn’t to your liking when it arrives, no harm done. If it ships free and can be returned for free, there’s no reason not to start that process ASAP.

Free Gift Wrapping

Check and see if your retailer offers free gift wrapping. This is yet another reason to get the ball rolling—imagine not only getting your shopping done well before the holiday, but also getting everything beautifully wrapped and off your to-do list. A type-A’s dream come true!

Sales Likely Won’t Change

In previous years, savvy shoppers knew that the first sale a retailer advertised was likely not the best offer of the season. It has become a common practice to wait it till the last minute to get the best deal on gifts. However, with the current state of things, many retailers are putting their best offers on the table first to get your business. They need business, you need gifts—it’s that simple. Most retailers offer at least 14-day price adjustments, so in the event you bought early, and the price goes down, you can still capitalize on the savings.

It may only be the beginning of November, but the earlier you shop, the earlier you can kick back with some apple cider and enjoy a shred of normalcy this holiday season. What are you waiting for—let’s get shopping!

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