Accessorizing With Beaded, Funky Jewelry

Beads are so versatile they can be a perennial favorite when it comes to style. This summer, they’re also completely trendy. You can get beads that look like an elegant string of pearls or designs made with neutral color tones in natural stone and glass. But this summer, beads are all about color, and funky, fashionable charm.

Keep It Casual

Beads have a natural, casual look to them that makes them perfect for accessorizing all your summer accents. Beaded jewelry has an effortless bohemian style that pairs gorgeously with swimwear, light summer dresses and jeans and tank tops. This year, beads are bucking all the style trends of the past. Unique, colorful and asymmetrical beaded jewelry is taking the fashion world by storm. Join in on the trend, or you could be left in the dust.

Beaded Jewelry Designs

Funky, eye-catching beaded jewelry is going to be everywhere this summer. To honor the season of sun, many jewelry designers are mixing their beads with shells — another hot summer accessory that just won’t quit. Everyone wants statement piece this summer, and beads are a perfect way to wear this trend. Look for beaded jewelry made with lots of color and little embellishments, like shells and crystals, and you’ll be looking at the must-have style of the summer.

Making Your Own

The cool thing about beaded jewelry is that you can DIY it to make your own totally unique pieces. Beads are available at sewing shops and craft stores, and you can find a seemingly infinite amount of bead options online. You can string beads with fishing wire, add a clasp at the end and finish an entire piece of jewelry in an hour or two if you work fast. Try making your own beaded jewelry, and wait for someone to ask you where you got that great piece before you tell them that you don’t just wear great fashion — you can make it, too.

Wearing Beads

It seems like beaded necklaces have been a thing since the earliest days of fashion, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. A big, beaded necklace is the perfect way to top off a tank top or slightly skimpy blouse. Bold, big earrings are never going to go out of style, either. The trick to wearing statement beads is settling on just one or two great pieces. Don’t overwhelm yourself with big earrings, a big necklace and a bracelet that covers your entire wrist. Pick just one statement piece, and wear simple jewelry everywhere else to make your star piece stand out.

Because beads are made in every color and material you can name, they can be worn with anything. Choose a contrasting color to keep your jewelry from blending, and wear your most colorful beaded jewelry with your summer whites to really show off your accessories.

No matter how you wear them or which style you pick, you really can’t go wrong if you’re wearing beads this summer. They’re fun, they’re casual and they’re a perfect way to dress up any summer outfit.

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