5 Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Maintain

Plants are a great way to brighten a room and bring some life into your space. However, they can cause quite a headache if not taken care of properly. If you are not experienced with plants and want one that doesn’t require a lot of attention or care, these are the plants you should consider purchasing.

Umbrella Plant

These plants enjoy bright light. They are able to grow without much light, but they will grow slower and the leaf distribution will be a bit off. Umbrella plants typically thrive if they are watered just a few times a month. However, if you make a mistake with watering, the lower leaves will fall first and the canopy may still survive. If you have a bright spot in your apartment, this plant would be perfect for it.

Zanzibar Gem

These plants grow well with low light. They can be placed in rooms with small windows or no windows at all. They also don’t need to be watered as often.

Heartleaf Philodendron

This plant is very popular! Make sure you keep it away from direct sunlight, but if you’re able give it a variety of indirect daylight, it will grow quickly. It can also grow in very low light, but that will cause a leggy effect, where it has more stems and less foliage. You can change it up depending on your vibe! You should also periodically trim the plant to keep it looking full.

Fockea edulis

If you tend to forget to water your plants, this one is perfect for you. You’ll only have to water it once a month! It is very low maintenance, and also looks unique, so it will serve as an interesting decorative item. If you want the base of the plant to get bigger, you will eventually need to move it to a larger container.

Mini Monstera

These plants are relatively easy to take care of, even if you don’t have a green thumb. However, we do have two specific tips for optimal growth. This plant likes soil that is high in organic matter, and it’s also important to give it something to climb up, whether it’s a stick or a pole.

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