4 Reasons Your Meditation May Not Be Working

For a very long time, people reserved meditation for religious figures. Then, medical practitioners began to recommend it for stress and anxiety reduction, which lead to mediation becoming a common household practice.

The most common excuse people cite for not being able to meditate is lack of time. However, if you have time to check social media, you have time to meditate! If you have tried meditating before and can’t seem to understand what the fuss is about, here are four reasons why you may not be achieving your desired results.

You are meditating in the wrong spots

We get it. You can usually function in the noisiest place, but one thing you should understand is that meditation is deliberate and takes complete focus. It is not like every other aspect of your life where you can multitask! It would be best if you had a quiet spot, a place where your focus would be guaranteed.

A good place we recommend for meditation is in your room when you wake up or before going to bed.

When you meditate alone, you don’t get results

Why not try group meditation? It is easy to get distracted when you are on your own, and group meditation seeks to avoid that. You get to easily tap into the energy of other people as you stay encouraged to keep trying.


The process of meditation, as stated, is deliberate. When you start to compare results to others, you are disrupting the process! Experience your own feelings and embrace it as an individual.


Meditation should not be rushed. Take your time to follow through the practice, and don’t constantly check the clock.

Meditation is an excellent way to maintain a conscious mind, and practitioners often testify to the wonders it does for people. If you are not getting results, understand that it is a process and try to see whether you are guilty of the potential issues above, and then work on it!

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