Talking to your Child: Parent Consideration and Permission

If you are a child or teen looking to persuade your parents that the talent industry is for you, the best argument that you can make is to demonstrate your work ethic and maturity every day.  Every parent wants their child to receive good grades in school and participate in activities.  Doing well in school, demonstrating your ability to be responsible and showing your parents a certain level of interest and dedication to modeling shows your commitment.  You should also have a conversation about how you will need their help and support.  Be mindful that this will require commitment from them as well.  Talk to them about the possibility of to going to a modeling school or getting other help to develop your talents.  Building your confidence in front of the camera, learning about the business side of the industry, and remembering to be healthy and stay active are all a vital part of a successful career.

If your parents don’t feel it’s a good idea to get involved in the talent industry, you should give consideration as to why they are not in agreement and work to address their concerns.  Discuss steps you can take to show your maturity, dedication, and commitment.  Once you have addressed their concerns, you can revisit the conversation.  Make sure that they are involved.  Sit down with your parent or guardian and build your CMS profile together.  It may increase your parent’s comfort level if they see that you are putting yourself out there in a secure, safe and confident manner.  Once the jobs start rolling in, remember to act in a way that reinforces their decision to encourage your career.  Be sure to always ask your parent or guardian if you can attend a certain audition, or get to a job that requires a bit of flexibility on the hours you’ll be needed.  Be mature, responsible and polite on the job.  Always make sure that you are checking in with your parent on a regular basis to reassure them that you feel comfortable and safe doing what you are doing.

Parents; children know when you’re putting that extra effort out there for them, and that you want your child to succeed as well. This is a joint effort on the road to success!


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