Average Looks Can Land a Child Model Work

Parents who think child modeling agencies are looking only for beautiful babies may be surprised to find that kids with average appearance and popular sizes get preference. Landing work as a child model, however, may come down to location, location, location. If you want your child to break into modeling, you’re in luck if you live near media centers like New York and Los Angeles that serve as headquarters for major agencies.

Some leading child modeling firms have opened offices in places like Atlanta, Phoenix and Cleveland, but parents need to get to auditions on short notice. Outside of major metropolitan areas, bookings may be limited to local department stores and regional ad agencies. Starting local has advantages; you can test the waters and see if your child wants to work. You can find out if you as a parent are committed to the undertaking.

Knowing that your child does not have to be gorgeous and that kids who wear average clothing sizes such as 3, 5 and 10 can help you decide if you think your child can be a model.



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