What to Watch on Netflix in November

The sun is setting sooner, and the temperatures are dropping quickly, which means you’re likely spending more time indoors cozying up to the TV. Thankfully, Netflix is releasing some great shows and movies this month; here are a few that you might want to add to your watch list.

Tiger King

Remember Joe Exotic? He, his tigers, and his eclectic posse are returning to Netflix on November 17. You never know what to expect from these cool cats and kittens – other than even more chaos. Watch the Season 2 trailer.

America’s Next Top Model

Get ready to binge because Netflix is about to deliver all the fashion and drama you could ever want. On November 15, Seasons 21 and 22 of America’s Next Top Model will be available for streaming.

Selling Sunset

Will Christine and Chriselle ever stop dueling? What’s going on with Chriselle and her boss? When did Christine have a baby? As the stars’ lives played out on Instagram, we were left wondering what has been happening at Oppenheim Group Real Estate since the end of Season 3. Luckily for us, Season 4 is hitting Netflix on November 24.

21 Jump Street

Need a laugh? Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are sure to deliver as they go undercover to investigate a problematic drug-dealing organization. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, 21 Jump Street never gets old. Watch now.

Love Hard

Sweetheart Nina Dobrev is back as the star of Netflix’s original romantic comedy Love Hard. Watch her play Natalie, who’s in love with Tag, who’s really Josh, in this modern-day love story that keeps it real with dating apps and catfishes. Find out if Natalie lives happily ever after with her hunky dream man or comes to realize that her good-natured catfish is actually her one true love. Watch now.


Explore the world of a white-passing woman and her black best friend in this movie adapted from a 1929 novel. This film uncovers biases related to race and gives viewers a glimpse into the reality of how the color of your skin impacts your life. Watch now.

The Harder They Fall

A modern-day American Western? Sign us up. The Harder They Fall follows an outlaw named Nat Love, who is seeking revenge on crime boss Rufus Buck when he is released from prison. Tune in to follow these rival gangs in their battle for redemption. Watch now.

Cowboys, catfishes, drama queens, and criminal zookeepers are coming to you and your Netflix account this month. With all these new releases, you’re sure to keep busy!

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