Developing More Confident Body Language

Projecting confidence is easier said than done. Whether in a board meeting, conversing with a co-worker, or simply going about your everyday life, your body language says everything. These tips will help you develop more confident body language.

Respect the Power Pose

Power poses are just as they sound: ways people stand that make them look and feel powerful. For example, having both feet planted firmly on the ground, hips-distance apart (with feet slightly angled outwards), demonstrates a receptive yet firm stance, inviting individuals to converse with you while also ensuring they respect your authority. It’ll feel silly the first few times you try it, but after that, you’ll be a pro.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is often recommended for interviews, meetings, and presentations, as it demonstrates your attention as well as your confidence in what you’re saying. While you don’t need to prolong the eye contact, you should be making eye contact with individuals for the majority of the time when speaking. To work your way up to this, try looking at another part of the person’s face (near the eyes) rather than directly at them.

Pretend Pockets Don’t Exist

When trying to exude confidence, pretend your pockets don’t exist. Putting your hands in your pockets is a no-no when it comes to confident body language, as it suggests you’re unsure of something. For this reason, keep your hands out of your pockets and visible at all times.

Move – But Not Too Much

Movement is the key to confident body language, but too much movement may come across the opposite way. When giving a speech, talking to colleagues, or presenting to a large audience, it’s important that you aren’t glued to your notes or a podium, but don’t move so much that it’s distracting. Avoid fidgety movements and, instead, occasionally gesture with your hands to make a point. You can also walk away from the podium and back to it as you speak. Incorporate clear, well-timed movements into your presentation, and you’ll have this tip nailed down.

Engage With Others

Demonstrating to the others that you’re listening and engaged with what they’re saying can showcase confidence. This can be achieved with simple nodding, head tilts, and hand gestures. Again, you don’t want to go overboard here, as it can come across as insincere, but when you physically engage with another’s words, it builds their confidence as well as your own.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

Some experts say that by crossing your legs, including at the knee or ankle, you’re assuming a more submissive posture. Instead, plant your feet firmly on the ground, hips-distance apart, and sit up tall. Even when sitting, posture is everything, so don’t let all of your confident work go to waste with a tiny misstep.

Confidence is important, especially in a professional setting. These body language tips can ensure you’re always looking confident, regardless of how you’re feeling in the moment.


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