Planning A Future Dinner Party? Here’s What You’ll Need

Dinner parties are a great event to look forward to in the future, but they can sometimes be a hassle to plan. Since we have some time before that happens, we wrote up a list of a few must-have essentials that will elevate your hosting game. Order a few helpers like the ones below so you’ll not only have the meal prepared faster, but you’ll also be able to mingle at a safe distance with your guests at ease all evening. Don’t forget the sanitizer!

Ceramic Butter Warmers

These individual butter warmers are great for a social distance dinner party. Each couple (or person) gets their own warm butter dip for their seafood, or use the pour-over function to pour on fish or artichoke! This set comes with the stand and the tea candle.

Our favorite Butter Warmers (Amazon)

Individual Cheese Trays + Wine Flight

Customize your spread laid out with various cheeses, crackers and jams on individual cheese trays for guests to enjoy. Utilize the chalk included to label what types of cheese you’re serving. Go big or go home – pair the platters with a flight of red wines to taste.

Our Favorite Cheese Trays (Amazon)

Our Favorite Red Wine Flight, Set of 3 Flights (Webstaurant Store)

Automatic Pan Stirrer  

Multi-task and have a mechanical sous chef all at once. If preparing multiple dishes at once, it can be difficult to maintain all of them. While draining pasta on one end of the kitchen, have your automatic pan stirrer deal with the sauce on the other end. This will make cooking easy and seamless as you transition from one dish to the next.

Our Favorite (Uncommon Goods)

​ – For a recipe that calls for continuous stirring, this product has everything handled accordingly. Set a time on this automatic pan stirrer and let your sauce be left in good hands all the way up to completion.

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