Top DIY Fashion Trends to follow throughout the rest of the year

With many people still home for safe social distancing practices, we’ve all felt as if we’ve done all the home activities we could possibly imagine. We’ve even probably gone through all the internet sales and splurged a bit on the latest fashions. However, why not morph these two concepts together? By making up our own fashion statements at home, we instantly created new activities for ourselves with the option to make a quick buck by selling them. Etsy, we’re coming for you!


This is one DIY fashion project that will end with a different outcome every time. Tie-Dye has been trending again since early last year, but with everyone stuck at home, it has made a huge official resurgence. Make this trend your own by adding your own mix. By utilizing all the different colors and fabrics to dye, there have been cool creations such as upgraded band tees, sports team tees or matching sets/dresses. Whatever it is you want to dye, you have the ability to make a personal brand out of it.

Face masks

With the need of face masks being greater than ever, why not add a fashionable element to it? Many will be wearing these for a while until the world may finally return to a sense of normalcy. By adding different materials such as denim or printed fabric and different accessories such as rhinestones or studs, there’s a ton of different options one can make. This will allow anyone to show off their personal style without compromising safety.

Denim embroidery

Denim is a material that repeatedly trends every year. Since there’s so many alterations someone can do with it, the options are endless. For instance, take a pair of denim jeans and either make them into shorts or give the jeans an update with new distressing or embroidery. This material can always be reused in some way, making it a much more sustainable option than other materials.

Bleach painting

When someone thinks of painting, bleach being the medium may not be the first tool that comes to mind. However, it’s an element that creates some of the coolest effects on hoodies or t-shirts. As an example, take a dark, plain sweatshirt and pick out a cool quote or lettering you want to apply on the front. Then dip a paintbrush into the bleach and begin writing the words onto the sweatshirt. After letting the clothing item sit out for a bit, watch as the words begin to lighten where painted.

Sneaker painting

Trending on social media, people have been seen taking their old white sneakers and using them as painting canvases instead of normal paper. This allows for someone to wear their creativity while having the opportunity to repurpose old shoes.  Pro tip: if needing to whiten an old pair of white shoes, use a Mr. Clean magic eraser on leather materials or baking soda and warm water on canvas materials.

Iron on patches

One of the easiest DIY tricks, pick out a few patches that resemble your interests and personal style and begin ironing them on the outside of jackets or jeans. This will instantly update your look and make an item look like new without investing a ton of money on one piece. To ensure that larger patches will stay on the clothing items, stitch the outside of the item for extra hold.

Morph two old skirts together

Sometimes all it takes to get a new piece is by taking apart two unwanted items and morphing them together to create an entirely new creation. Take two skirts for example. By taking two of the different sides apart, they can then be sewn together for a completely different look. The mix of colors, textures and even length will make the look more modern and trendy.

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    Tie dye is back and your new suggestions make it more attractive (and profitable!) again.
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