10 Halloween Costumes For Baby Boys & Girls

One of the best parts about having a baby during Halloween is dressing him or her up in cute little costumes. When they are 0-6 months, they aren’t as mobile yet, so you can still get away with a lot of looks without risking them getting stained, ripped, or ruined.

While you can get as creative as you like, here are a few ideas for baby girls and boys that are just too cute to handle…


Baby Girls

Little Red Riding Hood: Whether you buy this online, or decide to make it yourself, your little one dressed up in an adorable red cape will capture hearts.

Cotton Candy: She’ll look good enough to eat dressed up as cotton candy.

Plush Cow: If you’re breastfeeding, there’s a time or two (or more) when you probably felt like a cow. Return the favor, by dressing her up in this utterly adorable look.

Baby Grandma: Pay homage to grandma by dressing her up in a granny disguise.

Carrot: A no fuss costume would certainly be the carrot. This is one you can pull off yourself with an orange onesie and green tulle for a headband.


Baby Boys

Cheeseburger: Is your little guy good enough to eat? Prove it by dressing him up in an oh-so delicious, and oh-so hilarious cheeseburger costume.

Olaf From ‘Frozen”: If you’re into making your own costumes, you can easily pull a snowman suit off. If you rather skip the DIY part, and prefer to just enjoy the cuteness, pick up one on Amazon for as little as $20.

Tiny Strong Man: You’ll crack everyone up in this getup. Simply put on a fake mustache and biceps to complete the look.

Baby Elephant: This simple costume is incredibly cute and you can easily grab one on Amazon.

Baby Bat: You can’t really go wrong with animals. Let your little guy light up the night in a bat costume.

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