Schedule Eating to Avoid Jet Lag

A long flight across several time zones can play havoc with your body’s internal clock. Resulting jet lag not only gives you a whopping case of fatigue but also messes with your digestion. Isn’t that just what you need when you’ve landed in a different country ready for adventure? Eating, or not eating, can solve the dilemma.

Hint #1. Fast. Fasting during an overnight flight will reset your body’s internal clock. If you fast and snooze, your body will think you’re getting a regular night’s sleep. Staying away from snacks during the flight has two benefits. You avoid jet lag and at the same time you avoid the uncomfortable bloating that comes with digestive issues. You’ll be ready to eat breakfast once you’ve landed.

Hint #2. Don’t fast. Plan your in-flight eating as you would regular meals. Set a regular schedule of a meal every four to five hours. Maintain the schedule the day after you land. This will keep your body on schedule, and that’s key in avoiding jet lag. The trick to this strategy is not the precise hour that you eat but how often you eat.


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