6 Accessories You Should Snag for the Gym

Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey or how much farther you have to go, we’ve compiled a list of gym accessories you should snag to make life a little easier!

A great sports bra

Sports bras keep everything in place for your workout and prevent pain, soreness, and sagging. A quality exercise bra should be slightly tighter than a regular bra for compression and support. You can find different support levels to match your activity – yoga requires light support while running calls for more heavy-duty compression. If you opt for a sports bra with an underwire, make sure it doesn’t poke or pinch the skin. Most importantly, you should be able to move around freely and comfortably in the sports bra you choose. If you aren’t comfortable, try a different style or brand.

Despite all the work a quality sports bra does, it doesn’t have to be boring. If you love color and print, get a sports bra that embodies that and makes you feel strong and confident!

Our Pick – Flow Y Bra Nulu Light Support, A–C Cups, $48 (shop here)

Gym bag

A quality gym bag allows you to carry all the things you need for a successful workout wherever you go. No matter what your schedule looks like, odds are, you’re going to need to be somewhere before or after your workout. Your gym bag will be the hub of all your things: dry shampoo, energy bar, water bottle, yoga mat, weights, hair ties, deodorant…you get the idea.

While gym bags need to be functional, they can look super stylish, too. Snag one in your favorite color or print to add some fun and functionality to your everyday gym look.

Our Pick – Luka Duffel, $110 (shop here)

Yoga mat with straps

Yoga mats provide grip on slick surfaces and won’t slip or bunch under you. Yoga mats are also beneficial for adding some cushion between your body and the floor. When shopping for a mat, first consider the thickness. Thin mats are great for practicing balance postures, while thick mats are better for back support. If neither of these is a high priority for you, you can opt for a standard yoga mat.

Texture also comes into play when finding the perfect yoga mat – a grippy mat will keep you grounded, but if you prefer a smooth mat, make sure it has moisture control.

Our Pick – Zuma Yoga Mat, $23.99 (shop here)

Water Bottle

Anytime you’re working out, you need a reliable water source. Water bottles should be comfortable to hold and carry around, and of course, having a reusable one VS a one-time-use is a much better option for the planet. Opt for one that has some color or a fun print to match the rest of your gym attire. The cuter the bottle, the more water you’ll drink!

Our Pick – Hydromate 32 OZ WATER BOTTLE WITH STRAW, $20.95 (shop here)

The perfect pair of shoes

Choosing the right shoes for your workouts is vital to your performance – choose the right shoes, and your feet will thank you, but choose the wrong ones, and you could be sitting out with painful shin splints. It helps to know what you want your shoes for, like walking versus lifting weights.

Try on new workout shoes with the socks you’ll wear to the gym so that you know how they fit. Forget the idea of breaking shoes in – workout shoes should feel comfortable from the start.

Our Pick – ULTRABOOST 4.0 DNA SHOES, $180 (shop here)

Wireless headphones

If you love to rock out while working out (or maybe you’re more of a podcast person), wireless headphones are a must-have accessory for the gym. Wireless headphones are compact, fit securely in your ears, and charge quickly.

Our Pick – AirPods with Charging Case, $159 (shop here)

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