Ways To Live It Up Your 1st V-Day After A Divorce

If this is your first Valentine’s Day after a divorce, it might feel tough -especially, if you’re not back on the dating scene yet. While everyone else is planning romantic dates and get-a-ways, you’re constantly reminded just how lousy it feels to be alone. Even if you’re hiding out at home, you’re still bombarded with diamond and chocolate commercials.

Instead of burying your head in the sand and waiting for it all to be over, remember that Valentine’s is a day of love. That means loving and treating yourself first. Here’s how to celebrate the first Valentine’s Day after a divorce:

Salute The Younger You: Remember how fun and vibrant you were before you got married? Resurrect that person. Spend some time going through old photos and reminisce. You’re still that person, just wiser. It’s up to you to bring her out.

Attend Meetup Groups: Find some local meetup groups in your area and attend. Don’t just go and sit in a corner either. Strike up conversations with people. Try Meetup groups with similar interests as you, also try Meetup groups that are outside of your interest. It’s a great way to open yourself up to new things.

Reinvent Yourself: Yes, you can totally reinvent yourself. If you don’t like something the way it is, change it. Use Valentine’s Day to step out with a new look or new hairdo.

Book a Relaxing Get-Away: Have somewhere you really want to visit? Plan an amazing weekend getaway for yourself. If you have a few single friends, invite them along too.

Plan an Amazing Staycation: On a budget? Then skip the getaway and opt for an amazing staycation at home.

Go To Karaoke: Getting on stage and letting your light shine is a great way to get back to a happy place on V-Day. Go to karaoke and enjoy yourself.

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