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People who are still not on TikTok are sure it’s just a silly dancing app for teens; however, users know that the platform offers so much more. The beauty industry has boomed thanks to certain TikTok Creators. TikTok allows people to consume massive amounts of information in a matter of seconds. Whatever your concern or problem is, there is an expert, guru, or experienced consumer sharing their thoughts and opinions.

The hair care community is huge on TikTok. Brands and businesses quickly learned that TikTok is the best way to advertise and get in touch with younger generations, especially Gen Z. When a product goes viral on TikTok, you expect to see it sell out immediately.

So how do you find the right Creator to follow? Of course, you will search for similar hair types like you or look towards professionals who know how to cater to each hair need. Keep reading to learn about notable Creators on the app and their specialties.

MattLovesHair (@mattloveshair)

Matt gained quick recognition when he started his TikTok account in March 2020. He is a hairstylist that educates his followers on what is worth your money and what’s not. It’s always amazing to get a professional’s opinion at no extra cost.

He loves trying out new, strange products. He answers important questions like “is it worth the hype?” Some of his other video series include Affordable Haircare That Works, Target Haircare You Need, and Ulta Haircare That’s Worth It. He takes us along on all his shopping adventures because that’s what real friends are for.

Not only does he recommend and review products, but he also comes in clutch with hairstyling hacks and techniques. He is worth the follow.

Wiam (@wiamxa)

Wiam grew her following by sharing how she maintains her beautiful, bouncy locks. She is a must-follow for natural hair girls out there. What makes her account so successful are her helpful tips and tricks.

Her videos help all women of color. From box braids to headband wigs to quick styles for natural hair, she has you covered. Additionally, her mini-tutorials are informative and easy to follow at home.

Most importantly, Wiam shows you how to take care of your hair by choosing the right products. She has multiple videos sharing what has worked best for her and what is worth the money. While you browse her account, make sure to check out her homemade hair masks and recipes to get impeccable hair at home.

Syria Tortora Hair (@syriatortora)

Syria is a Hairstylist who also has her brand, Io Vivo Haircare. What her TikTok has to offer is teaching how to style your hair daily. You’ll also never come crying out of a salon ever again since you will know exactly what to ask for and how to maintain your style.

Her videos range from different topics like how to get a celeb hair look, or she breaks down popular hair looks, so you know how to communicate to your stylist. Her “What to Ask Your Hairstylist” series will have your back each time you need a fresh cut. Syria helps you achieve Bella Hadid’s sleek bun or Matilda Djeff’s voluptuous mane.

Check out her brand Io Vivo Haircare. Style your hair with chic accessories like her Simi Clip and IVH Combs. Nourish and care for your hair with the Hydrating Hair Oil, Hair Milk, and Detox Scalp Exfoliator.

ChloeSwiftStylist (@chloeswiftstylist)

Chloe is known for her professional styling techniques that she shares with her followers on TikTok. In addition to being a Hair Vlogger and Hair Care Expert, she is also a GHD Global Educator.

Whether your goal is to learn how to cut your hair at home or master the soft curl look, she has the tutorial for you. Learn to create texture, keep a strong-hold on your style, and maintain your hair health. You will feel like you just graduated from cosmetology school in no time.

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