Keratin Treatments to Ease You Through the Grow-Out Phase

If your hair has exploded into one big frizz ball, there’s a long term cure. A Brazillian blowout treatment earns rave reviews for straightening hair, reducing frizz, and leaving a glossy shine. A Brazilian Blowout can be tailored to work with hair that is fine, fragile, or color-treated. While the treatment can take between one and two hours, the results will last between three and six months.

The Brazilian Blowout formula seals the hair cuticle and creates a protective layer around each strand. After shampooing, your stylist will section your hair and apply the Brazilian Blowout formula. The stylist will blow-dry your hair and seal the formula with a flat iron. After another shampoo, a deep conditioning mask is applied. One more blow-dry and you’re done.

A Brazilian Blowout is only available in salons.

The brand name Brazilian Blowout refers to a specific liquid keratin treatment that can only be given by a certified stylist at a salon. You’ll want to find a pro who is certified in performing Brazilian Blowouts.

If you prefer, you can try a DIY treatment using the Brazilian Blowout line of products. This won’t be as effective as getting one professionally done, and experts warn that you’ll need to take serious precautions. Don’t buy a Brazilian Blowout product without getting detailed advice from a certified stylist who can help you find a formaldehyde-free formula that’s safe to use at home. A certified pro can alert you to the dangers of improper application and give you guidance on how to get your desired degree of straightening.

At-home alternatives are convenient and safe.

Beauty experts strongly suggest that you consider an alternative at-home keratin product that’s free of harsh chemicals and formaldehyde. At-home treatments won’t duplicate the Brazilian Blowout and other salon-level keratin treatments, but they will give you a convenient alternative at a fraction of the price. The effects won’t last as long as the Brazilian Blowout, but you will see smoother, sleeker, and stronger hair. These products act as conditioning treatments that repair damaged strands. They remain on the surface of the hair instead of penetrating the shaft.

Here are a few at-home keratin treatments to try.

Nexxus Keraphix Gel Treatment for Damaged Hair, $8.45 (click here)

Collagen, elastin, and black rice extract work with keratin for almost instantaneous hair repair.

Paul Mitchell Keratin Intensive Treatment, $30 (click here)

Use this mask for five minutes once a week for hydrated, shiny, smooth hair. You’ll love the fresh ginger and citrus scent.

CHI Keratin Silk Infusion, $14.99 (click here)

Silk gives dry and damaged hair a heavy dose of hydration and helps hair retain moisture.

Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Intensive Caring Color, $8.99 (click here)

This permanent DIY color formula contains hydrolyzed keratin, which helps counter the breakdown of your natural keratin from coloring your hair.

Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Treatment For Deep Hydration & Superior Shine, $42 (click here)

This innovative two-step system moisturizes and strengthens and is especially good for those who color their hair.


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