Fashionable Ways to Stay Warm This Fall

Don’t settle for being perpetually cold! As you dress for this fall and winter, keep these tips in mind to ensure you stay warm without compromising your style.

Don a Turtleneck

This style is back with a vengeance, and just in time, too, because it’s one of the warmest ways to get dressed. Plus, it’s the perfect look for an outdoor gathering – or one inside where it is freezing. You can style the turtleneck however you want without compromising your fashion choices for the evening.

Layer Up

Wearing layers is a tried-and-true method for staying warm – and for giving yourself a chance to cool off if needed. To achieve the look, wear heavier, removable layers on top of thinner layers. For example, wear a thin long-sleeved shirt topped with a vest and a scarf that you can remove if you get too hot.

Pay Attention to the Materials

When you buy clothes for colder weather, you’re likely looking at the external style rather than the materials. This is a mistake. Pay attention to the clothing you’re purchasing, as some fabrics will keep you warmer than others.

Cover Your Head

Many people don’t like the style of winter headwear, but we recommend splurging on a warm hat that covers as much of your head as possible.

Don’t Discount the Scarf

You don’t need to be outdoors to accessorize with scarves. However you wear them, the important thing is that you’re adding another layer of warmth (that can be removed if needed) that will accentuate your outfit rather than detract from it.

Leg Warmers

While some leggings can be warming, especially those that are fleece-lined, some are not as warm, which is where leg warmers come in handy. They go great under boots, and they add dimension to your look without taking away from it.

Staying warm and stylish may seem mutually exclusive, but you can be both so long as you follow these fashion tips!

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