Layering 101

We consider layering somewhat of an art. Think about it: You have to balance textiles, colors, and patterns to create a look that flows effortlessly. If you find yourself struggling to layer, this guide will help!

Keep Colors at a Minimum

It’s okay to incorporate different colors, but sticking to layers in just a couple of complementing shades can pull an outfit together. Most fall hues contrast beautifully with one another, which is great news for those who prefer to mix and match capsule pieces. If you love prints, it’s fine to incorporate one, but keep the details around it neutral and simple.

Knits on Knits

Layering knits is a great way to look cool but stay warm. We suggest varying the length and thickness of the knit pieces since wearing too much of a single thickness can make an outfit appear frumpy.

Grab a Poncho

We don’t mean those clear plastic ponchos! We’re talking about cozy knitted ponchos that you can easily throw on. Ponchos are great for days that start chilly, warm up in the afternoon, and get chilly again once the sun goes down. The best part? They go over everything, and you can find them in any color or pattern you desire.

Fabric Focus

Playing with different fabrics – velvet, wool, silk, denim, cotton, etc. – is a great way to add texture and juxtaposition to an outfit. Just don’t go overboard. Instead, stick to two or three of your favorite textiles and see which fabrics look best together.

Sleeves Can Be the Focal Point, Too

If you find that every part of your outfit is the same length, try rolling up your sleeves to reveal a different color or pattern under your sweater or jacket Or, pair a shorter-sleeve piece over long sleeves to add a no-fuss detail.

Sweater Vests Are Back

Mark our words: This fall, sweater vests will be a big deal. This means ample opportunities to play with layers that have details such as dramatic collars or accent sleeves to add some interest to your look.

Just Pick One Super-Bulky Item

If you want to wear an oversized, chunky sweater, go for it; just make sure to balance the rest of your outfit with pieces that are more tailored to your body to avoid looking bulky yourself.


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