Fashion Inspo: Moira Rose

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In its six-season run, Schitt’s Creek was cemented as a quirky, lovable, and binge-worthy series. Most of us have come to know and love the Rose family, a wealthy bunch that, stunned by recent financial losses, must adjust to their new lives of living in a motel. The characters frequently flash their show-stopping wardrobes in an effort to cling to their former lives. In our most recent rewatch, we couldn’t help but obsess over family matriarch Moira Rose, played by Catherine O’Hara. These are a few style tips we learned.

Dress It Up

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If Moira teaches us anything, it’s that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, no matter the occasion. We know that in her former life in the limelight, fashion was of the highest importance – and this doesn’t change in the confines of the small town. Costume designer Debra Hanson put extensive time and energy into the character’s wardrobe, sourcing designer pieces from brands like Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Prada. While we might not have the budget for these high-end labels, we can always choose staple pieces to keep us looking sleek.

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A Simple Color Palette

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In a few simple words, Moira’s style can be defined as chic, sophisticated, and a little edgy – this is all put together with a black-and-white color palette. While this may seem limiting, the choice made by Hanson and O’Hara proves that any wardrobe can have range and style. Both women attribute English socialite Daphne Guinness for inspiration in creating such dynamic looks. In various scenes, we see Moira play up the simple palette with texture, layers, patterns, and silhouettes: A simple black blazer is leveled up with rounded studs, a basic suit is transformed with an oversized gingham pattern, and the character even goes as far as to incorporate feathers and statement jewelry. To achieve the look, don’t be afraid of embellishments, exaggerated details, and plenty of accessories.

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Don’t Forget to Have Fun

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The show’s humor and good nature are not lost on Moira’s complex wardrobe. For laughs and to create the range, hair stylist Ana Sorys invested in multiple wigs and colorful extensions for the character. Moira has a new style in practically every scene – and even wore a wig backward in one episode. Oftentimes, her hairstyle conveys her mood: Some are curly, pastel, and playful, while others are long, dark, and full of layers. Moira’s versatility shows how connected our fashion choices are to our emotions. If you’re ready to have fun with your hair, try temporary colors.

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