6 Trends from Decades Past That Deserve a Comeback

Some trends are better left to the archives (hip-hugger jeans of the early ’00s, we’re looking at you), but some trends have stood the test of time and deserve (have) another turn in the spotlight. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at both clothing and accessories that we wouldn’t (and don’t) mind donning today.

Mini Skirts

Once upon a time, mini skirts caused such an uproar that women staged actual protests justifying the right to the mini. We now know that mini skirts are adorable and they can accentuate all body types. The ease of the fit isn’t the only thing mini skirts have going for them—they can be paired with virtually anything too. Seriously! Rock a mini with a graphic tee and denim jacket or with a delicate blouse. No matter how you decide to wear your mini, you’ll be protest-ably stylish.

Drop Waists

Drop waist dresses were made popular by the flappers of the 1920s and are characterized by their low waistbands. While this silhouette is the opposite of our current high-waisted obsession, it’s undeniably sexy shape lengthens the torso and emphasizes the hips. Drop waist dresses can be versatile too—flowy fabrics and intricate embellishments will give you a glamorous look, while a basic cotton blend or funky pattern can be worn casually.


Gone are the days of beautifully designed hat boxes and absolutely NEEDING a hat to complete our outfits. But why? Hats don’t exist just to cover up bad hair days. From pillbox to floppy, and all the hats in between, we would love to see more hitting the runways and shops. We wouldn’t be sad if hat boxes made a sudden comeback, too.

High-Waisted, Wide-Leg Trousers

They had us at ‘high-waisted.’ When you look at all of fashion history, women haven’t really been wearing pants for that long. In fact, we would only have to go back a few generations to thank those who boldly wore what women hadn’t been allowed to wear before. While we love our skinny jeans, it’s the high-waisted, wide-leg trousers women donned throughout the 20s and 40s that we would really love to see again. These pants do it all—they make your legs look longer, your waist smaller, and your hips curvier—and they look so elegant with a fitted top.

Bold Prints in Bold Colors

We’re seeing a comeback of bold prints in the form of statement coats this season, but we wouldn’t be mad about bold print in bold colors on all kinds of pieces. Throw out the idea that certain body types can’t wear bold prints or bright colors because we think anyone can pull them off. Whether you would opt for a statement maxi or a bold print mini dress, this is a trend we would love to see come back.


We’re seeing a revival of brooches in the form of witty and punny pins, but what about the stunning pieces that were once indispensable accessories? Most brooches back in the day were made of various metals and gorgeous jewels, making them beautiful but heavy pieces. Some even consisted of small compartments in which women could stuff perfume-dipped cotton balls. We have every reason to believe a classic denim jacket can be jazzed up with multiple brooches. These heirloom pieces can give any outfit a touch of old-school elegance.

Whether you love these trends or love that they’re gone, it’s pretty entertaining to look back at decades past. Would you decide to give these trends new life, or do you think they belong in the history books?

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