10 Accessories Inspired By Popular Cocktails

There’s nothing more fun than throwing on a cute outfit, getting together with some friends and hitting the town for a fun cocktail night. One of the things we love most about popular cocktails is how much personality each one has. No matter what your drink of choice is, there’s a cute accessory out there for you!


H&M scarves in pink/floral $12.99

The Cosmo is one of the most popular cocktails (thanks in part to Sex and the City). It’s a fruity pink cocktail served in a frosted martini glass with a bright lime twist.

These scarves from H&M have the signature pink pop of a Cosmo and add a posh flare to any outfit.

Old Fashioned

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Eleanor Luggage Leather $155.00

An Old Fashioned is a simple famous cocktail that doesn’t like frills and means business. It is a sophisticated drink that is meant to be sipped slow, and savored. Accessorize with a beautiful leather-banded watch

This Fossil watch with a sophisticated band and roman numerals says, “I’d like an Old Fashioned, please.”


ZARA Fruit Rings $19.99

The salty-sweetness of this famous cocktail is reminiscent of a fun day at the beach. These cute fruity rings are simple – as a good margarita should be – but still flirty and fun.

Moscow Mule

Handmade Copper and Turquoise earrings by Rusty Rings on Amazon $43.00

The tart Moscow mule is another popular cocktail for a hot summer day. The copper mug will pair perfectly with a cool pair of hammered copper earrings.


JoyLab Green Fanny Pack $19.99

The fresh mint and bright lime flavors cool you right down.

This clean and cute mint green fanny pack is the perfect accessory to the famous mojito.


Urban Outfitters ‘70s Round Sunglasses $20.00

The most popular brunch cocktail! If you’re up early and stayed out too late, you might need a pair of sunglasses. These bright orange sunnies are perfect to wear to Sunday morning brunch.


ZARA Pack of Pearl and Cherry Necklaces $25.90 

A Manhattan is an iconic cocktail. A pearl necklace that highlights the cherry in your Manhattan makes this a perfect pair.


Urban Outfitters Carrie Chainmail Handbag $9.00 (on sale)

Another classic cocktail is a Gimlet. The traditional recipe calls for gin, which was a hugely popular liquor in the 1920s.

This chain mail purse goes perfectly with a gin gimlet as it takes inspiration from the style of the prohibition era.


Macy’s 10k White Gold Blue Diamond Pendant Necklace $128.99 (on sale)

Martinis are mysterious and delicate, but still, have a strength to them. This white gold and blue diamond necklace perfectly embodies that without breaking the bank!

Pina Colada

ZARA Pineapple Flower Earrings $25.90

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, you’ll love these adorable pineapple earrings from ZARA!