Get Your Crush to Fall in Love with You

How long does it take for a man to fall in love with you? It may take a lot longer than you’d like if you’re crushing on a guy big time. Men are notoriously slower than women to make up their minds. If you’ve decided this guy is The One, you may have to go at his pace or run the risk of appearing needy. Pressuring him is a great way to scare him off. There are, however, ways to make him recognize his deep feelings for you.

Let him know he’s a good man.

If you had a great date, let him know. Keep your compliments genuine and sincere, and he’ll remember how your appreciation makes him feel. Tell him when you think he looks handsome. Remember that complimenting his values as well as his looks can mean even more to him. Appreciate his masculinity. Most men love hearing that they are manly. Thank him when he’s a gentleman. Manliness isn’t just about being macho.

Let him do things for you.

Men like to provide for people. It’s who they are, and it’s natural for men to want to fix things for people they care about. Let him do things for you. Don’t discourage him from carrying heavy grocery bags, changing tires or opening doors. He wants to know he’s with someone who needs him and appreciates his help.

Show him respect.

Want to know how much respect means to your guy? A study mentioned in Psychology Today concluded that men need respect even more than they need love. A researcher asked 400 men whether they would prefer to endure being left alone and unloved or feeling inadequate and disrespected. Some 74 percent chose feeling unloved over feeling disrespected.

There are ways to demonstrate your respect. Don’t micromanage him and tell him how to do every little thing such as loading the dishwasher. Don’t berate him in front of others if you have a problem with something he said or did. Wait and tell him in private. Don’t just complain about things you don’t like. Let him know you appreciate the positive things he does.

Don’t play games with him.

When you’re interested in a man, don’t play games with him. Don’t adopt a new fake personality just for him and pretend to be someone you’re not. If he asks you to sit in a freezing stadium and football is not your thing, be honest (but not brutal) and don’t pretend it’s something you want to do. Let him know what you honestly like and what you don’t like.

No man wants to date a game-player. You don’t want your guy to feel misled or cheated when you reveal your true personality.

Create desire with your absence.

Togetherness is essential for a relationship to grow, but absence creates desire. Desire is key in making a man fall in love with you, so let a little space into your relationship. You may want to spend every moment of every day with him, but another Psychology Today study reveals that time away from him will keep the relationship fresh. Giving him time to miss you will keep you in his thoughts.

Don’t pressure him.

You may have decided you are in love with him, but he may not be there yet. Refrain from trying to speed up the romance. Forcing the issue can make him feel pressured and stressed. Give him some time to decide he loves you.

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