5 90’s Trends That Can Stay in the 90’s

We’ve recently seen a huge 90’s style revival, and we’ve been loving it. Sign us up for all the daisy prints, bleached flannels, and vintage graphic tees, please! And while there are several fashion trends we absolutely adore from the 90’s, we’ve failed to talk about all the terrible ones that we’ve probably tried to forget over the years. But today, we’re revisiting them. So here we go, five trends from the 90’s that can stay in the 90’s.

  1.   Overbranding

(image via amazon)

What was it about being an actual walking billboard for a brand you loved in the 90’s? Now don’t get us wrong, a little brand drop here and there is fine, but the 90’s took repping brands to the next level. Today, we’re much more aware that less is more, and we’re much more comfortable opting for a garment with a smaller logo on it. And truth be told, we see this more in athletic wear than any other article of clothing. So, head-to-toe brand names, please stay in the decade we left you in.

  1.   SO Many Turtlenecks

(image via folie house)

We love a mock neck, but a turtleneck? Okay, sometimes a turtleneck can be worn comfortably and make us look super chic, but in the 90’s, turtlenecks were everywhere, and for what reason? Turtleneck sweaters, long sleeve turtlenecks, tank tops with turtlenecks, even a strange turtleneck tank top sweater hybrid existed at one point. Not only can turtlenecks be uncomfortable, but they often completely eliminate the neckline, and that can make for some odd proportions. So, turtlenecks on all of the things? You can stay in the 90’s.

  1.   All Things Sheer

(image via harpers bazaar)

Going from one extreme to another, sheer clothing is making its way back into our wardrobes. The 90’s saw a lot of sheer dresses and sheer tops, and we feel we don’t even have to state why sheer clothing should stay in the 90’s. For one, sheer anything probably isn’t allowed in the workplace (unless you’re working from home, then that’s your business). Secondly, we can’t imagine the draft one would feel wearing see-through clothing anywhere. That being said, if sheer clothing speaks to you and you wish to show off all that is underneath, we say: go for it! Even so, we think we speak for many of us when we say, sheer clothing isn’t a trend we’d like to see return.

  1.   Low-Rise Jeans

(image via glamour magazine)

We apologize that we’ve likely ruined your day by making you relive the trauma of low-rise jeans and the many breakdowns you probably had in the JCPenney’s fitting room while 90’s pop blasted in the background. Low-rise jeans were uncomfortable and only looked good on people with minimal body fat; more power to you if you have ever worn these and looked amazing and felt comfortable. We’d like to think we’re all on the same page when we say that low-rise jeans don’t need to make their return.

  1.   Color-Tinted Sunglasses

(image via cr fashion book)

We’re going to clarify that by color-tinted sunglasses, we don’t mean the earth tone shades with brown lenses. We’re referring to the sunglasses that are tinted hot-pink, blue, purple, yellow, red, and even rainbow. Yes, those color-tinted sunglasses. Not only were these awful to put on and take off as your eyes transitioned back to normal color, but how exactly is one supposed to casually work with a pair of lime green tinted sunglasses? What pairs well with this style? And why would you ever want everything to look lime green? Unusual color-tinted glasses, we aren’t sure why we loved you to begin with and we certainly aren’t hoping you find your way back to us.


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