Textiles Guaranteed to Keep You Cool This Summer + How to Wear ‘Em

Designers use fabrics suitable for all four seasons to help you stay cool during the warm-weather days, we’ve formulated a guide of fabrics and outfit inspiration to wear this spring and summer. Canvas, cotton and linen are ideal for springtime or summer wear, but there is also a sprinkling of other fabrics you should consider.


Linen is a super breezy material, making it a go-to all spring and summer long. Linen will seriously leave you sweat-free. Simply put, linen has a natural weave that allows air to flow easily preventing the fabric to stick to your body on those humid and gummy days. If you are someone that perspires a lot, linen is a breathable, absorbent fabric option for you this spring and summer.

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Traditionally, Seersucker was introduced as a lighter alternative for suits and clothes in humid regions. Great for spring and summer, seersucker is woven in a way that ensures threads are bunched together, causing fabric to sit just off the body providing air flow to keep you cool. Seersucker is also super lightweight and breezy. This lightweight material tends to billow and add some bulk, so don’t shy away from opting from a slimmer fit or sizing down if you’re looking for a slightly more fitted look.

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Rayon, a more economical alternative to silk, is composed of cotton, wood pulp, and other fiber blends. Since rayon material is breathable and light and has a touch of elegance, the fabric is perfect for sunny days. Athleisure designers have turned to rayon for it’s airy and soft feel. You may have noticed that more and more of your athleisure and workout clothes are made of rayon or a rayon blend. If you’re new to the gym or switching your winter workout gear to summer workout gear, opt for rayon.

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Ah, cotton. The fabric with many varieties – cotton is a spring and summertime favorite because it’s super comfy and breathable. Plus, it’s durable, so you’ll get maximum wear.

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