4 Reasons Why We’ve Rekindled Our Love for Skorts

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Most of us haven’t seen skorts in retail stores in years, let alone worn one, and there are plenty of people who never really considered a skort as a closet staple. Perhaps we’ve underestimated the value of shorts disguised as a skirt. They’re practical, versatile, and the perfect combination of feminine and sporty. A skort is simply a pair of shorts with overlapping fabric made to resemble a skirt.

Aside from being comfy, there are various ways to style this look. You can channel Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova in a tennis-inspired outfit, or dress it up with a knit top over a collared shirt. To spark inspiration, we’ve come up with four fun ways to style skorts!

Printed Skort + Oxford Shirt

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This adorable palm print skort is serving tropical summer vibes. For a compelling look, pair a bold pattern with a chambray button-down and a pair of classic canvas Keds. Wear with black statement earrings to add more contrast to the look with round metal sunglasses; this is an exciting departure from the preppy, sporty look a skort is classically known for.

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Denim Skort + Accented Collar

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A denim skort is ideal for long drives, a day at the park, or for those hot, humid, and gummy days where you don’t want to commit to jeans but like the look of denim. You can have the freedom to create fun aspects of the outfit with a denim skort, like pairing it with a top that has an accented collar and boots.

Wear a denim skort with a floral, big sleeve top complete with a contrast ruffle collar and a pair of woven boots. To keep the attention on the collar and add a t-spoon of sunshine, pair this ensemble with sweet, dainty daisy studs.

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Skort Meet Crop

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For a comfy, classically stylish and put-together look, wear your skort with a sweatshirt. This is a great outfit for early spring or fall when the weather is brisk. This can be a layered look that you can quickly shed by mid-day afternoon when the weather warms. Wear the sweater loose, fully tucked it in, or sport a French tuck.

For a flirty and fun style, wear a denim skort with a cropped tie-dye sweatshirt and some black and white Vans; to balance out the outfit, complete the look with a crossbody and gold chain necklace.

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Get Graphic

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Graphic tees go with virtually anything if combined with the right pieces. Your graphic tee can showcase your favorite bands, organizations, or feature beautiful designs and patterns.

Pair the skort with a botanical graphic tee. Wear it tucked in or add dimension with an oversized tee tied on the side. For more oomph, wear with a scarf and hoop earrings.

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