Your Hair May Be Losing Luster & Shine Because Of The Wrong Brush

Your hairbrush is probably one of the most important items in your hair care tool kit – maybe second only to the shampoo you use. This tool has the power to detangle, redistribute moisture and add shine all day long. With an item this important, you don’t want to grab any brush off the shelf. All hair brushes aren’t created equal. There are things to consider such as hair texture and hair type. From boar, metal and nylon bristles to round, vented and paddle brushes, selecting the right brush plays a big part in optimal hair health.

Now that you know how important your hairbrush is, check out the different kinds of hairbrushes recommended based on hair type:

Fine hair: Fine or thin hair usually has a limpness to it. You will likely need a round, metal bristle brush to wake it up. A hairbrush you may want to consider – Creative Professional Ceramic Ion Ultra Lightweight Hair Brush.

Natural Hair: Each strand of natural hair is tightly curled, but the strand itself is very delicate and easy to break. For that reason, it does better with rubber base brushes such as the Denman brush. The nylon bristles help to minimize static and adds enough tension to help smooth out the hair’s cuticle.

Medium Hair: One of the primary issues with medium hair is flyaways. You need a round boar-and-nylon brush that can get a good handle on fuzz. The nylon in the brush grabs hair while the boar smooths the cuticle.

Thick Hair: People with thick hair need a brush that will help take down the bulk and encourage root volume. The best kind of brush is the boar-bristle paddle brush like the Wigo Boar Bristle Brush. Not only will it help to take down the bulk, but it will also help de-puff lengths while adding shine.

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