Why Colourpop Cosmetics is A Favorite Makeup Brand

If you are obsessed with makeup, then you are no stranger to Colourpop Cosmetics. Colourpop is a relatively new brand, and it was founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty. Colourpop is known to have the most captivating, fun, versatile, and affordable brand on the market today. There is always something new around the corner, whether it be a Disney collaboration or a new formula launch.

If you have been following Colourpop since the beginning, you know that their claim to fame is all thanks to one product: The Super Shock Shadow. Yes, that is correct; Colourpop, for the longest time, sold one product type. Super Shock was unlike any other eyeshadow on the market at the time of its release. The creme powder formula is pigmented, the texture is bouncy, and there is no creasing, fallout, or fading.

With all the rage of the Super Shock Shadow, it was only a matter of time before Colourpop could explode into the giant makeup retailer they are today.

Colourpop allows anyone and everyone to get their hands on high-quality, trendy products at an affordable price point. With hundreds of color options for each product they carry, you can find dupes of your favorite high-end products.

Noteworthy Collaborations

Colourpop always has new projects in the works, so it’s no wonder we see multiple collaborations with brands and companies we all know and love. You may have seen various releases of their Disney collection, and they also collaborated with Nintendo to bring the Animal Crossing New Horizons Collection to life.

They are no strangers to working with beauty gurus, either. The most notable creative they have collaborated with is Kathleen Lights, a highly esteemed beauty Youtuber. It was their partnership that also allowed Colourpop to blossom into the company they are today.

Other notable creatives and celebrities who have been able to work with Colourpop are Zoella, Karrueche Tran, Raw Beauty Kristi, Alexis Ren, and so many more!

Colourpop has also worked with No Kill LA (NKLA) for multiple years to help save animals. Colourpop also donates proceeds to Best Friends Animal Society, who dedicates efforts to stop cats and dogs from being killed in shelters across the nation.

Fan-Favorite Products

Colourpop is known for their low prices and frequently added discounts on their site. Make sure to follow them and keep your eyes open to snag an even bigger bang for your buck.

9 Pan Shadow Palettes ($14, shop here):

These 9 Pan Shadow Palettes are a must-have in your makeup bag. There is every color story imaginable. They have you covered if you want to build up your neutrals with the Going Coconuts palette alongside Baroque and Nude Mood.

If you are looking to expand into more colorful options, check out palettes like In a Trance, Mint to Be, and Strawberry Shake. If you can’t decide, no worries, there are so many bundle options to choose from so you can get the best of both worlds!

Jelly Much Shadows ($9, shop here):

Sometimes, you need a cream shadow to get the job done. Jelly Mulch is jiggly, jelly, and innovative. In its packaging, it jiggles like jello, but once you swipe it on, it dries down completely.

It’s incredible if you want a no-fuss shadow; the pigmentation is there, it will last all day, and you don’t have to worry about fallout. Jelly Mulch comes in a wide range of unique shades, and their most popular finish is duo chrome.

Add a little extra spice to your eyes or even your highlighter!

Freckle Pen ($8, shop here):

A look we see everywhere lately are freckles! There are so many freckle products on the market, but they are so expensive. There is no reason why you should pay up to $30 for a freckle product.

There are two shades of the pen, and it’s only $8. So if you decide freckles aren’t for you, at least you didn’t break the bank for them.

Cheek Dew Serum Blush ($7, shop here):

Colourpop has multiple blush formulas available; however, their newest and most innovative product is the Cheek Dew! Summer is around the corner, and no one wants to have layers of powder.

Cheek Dew is lightweight, offers a glow, and can be worn by itself or with makeup. It’s easy to apply with any of your favorite tools. For $7, you can’t go wrong.

Where To Find Colourpop

For the longest time, Colourpop was only available to purchase through their online store. This was Colourpop’s most inconvenient factor.

Shopping for makeup is an experience. You want to walk into the store to test and swatch all the products available. You want to match your foundation in real life and not on a screen.

Thanks to Colourpop’s rising popularity, they are now available in your favorite beauty stores like Ulta and Sephora.

Colourpop has an insanely massive inventory, so while you might not find all the cool and colorful products on display, you will discover cult-classic products.


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