Who Do You Want in Your Life if A Lockdown Came Again?

If you survived 2020’s quarantine with your significant other and enjoyed each other’s company, then congratulations, you’ve answered the old question, “who would you want to bring with you on a deserted island?” If the months-long lockdown heightened tensions, don’t fret, you are not alone, and it doesn’t mean that you and your partner aren’t a good match. Huddled up at home together all the time is a challenge in itself, and reveals you and your partner’s eccentricities. Homes that weren’t intended for 24/7 togetherness became cramped classrooms and co-working spaces.

Now that we’re slowly coming out of quarantine, it’s a good time to start concentrating on being intentional in your relationships. If you’ve been dating virtually, ask yourself: Would I want to spend a lockdown with this person?

Did togetherness work for you?

At the onset of the pandemic, spending more time with each other gave couples a chance to improve their relationships. According to a study published in the Scientific Journal of Psychological Science, some couples noted a slight increase in satisfaction, while others saw no significant changes in the outlook of their relationships. Researchers surmise that couples might have been more willing to cut each other some slack at the beginning of the pandemic because of higher stress levels.

The fear of loneliness is fading.

The idea of loneliness is more bearable now that we’re able to mingle more safely and more and more vaccinations are rolling out. The summer weather and the advent of the new normal is opening up opportunities for a new romance. Reopening date spots like restaurants and bars will give people a chance—even if limited—to get together and enjoy new company. With winter months in the rear-view mirror, those who have struggled to find something to do can quickly move their dates outdoors.

2020 was a year that put things in perspective. 2021 and onward will be a time of reflection and moving forward––a time of renewed hope, new love, and improved relationships.

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  1. I believe be being together during the pandimic was eye opener to if you truly wanted to be with your partner for rest of your life with all the time you had to give with one another my opion

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