What Facial Is Best For Your Skin Type?

It’s finally spring, which means it’s time to shed the winter dryness and dullness off our faces! But before you schedule yourself a facial (or create one DIY-style), consider your skin. Not everyone tolerates skincare ingredients and facial techniques the same way. Here are some of the best types of facials, according to your skin type.

Dry or Sensitive Skin

Mild fruit enzyme facials or peels are lighter and easier for sensitive skin and dry skin to tolerate. Look for ingredients like papaya, known for its healing properties, and kiwi, which has hydrating and antioxidant properties.

Normal Skin

Those lucky enough to have “normal” skin (meaning you have little to no blemishes, finer pores, and a rosy glowing complexion) can be more adventurous about facial ingredients. Vitamin C brightening facials can give you a beautiful springtime glow while keeping your skin even and combating aging spots.

Combination Skin

Having combination skin can be tricky because it needs a little bit of everything. There are parts of your skin that are dry and flaky, while others are oily and prone to breakouts. Consider chemical peels or microdermabrasion performed at a spa.

Oily Skin

Those who have oily skin create an excess of sebum, which can be affected by hormones, medications, foods, and some medical conditions, among other factors. If you are looking for a great rejuvenating option, opt for a clarifying facial to unclog pores and reduce excess oil and redness. Clarifying facials are often paired with lymphatic drainage massages, which help alleviate toxin buildup in your skin.

Hello, Sun

Remember: Now that the sun is stronger and days are longer, you need to be even more conscientious about protecting your skin with sunblock!

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