Tricks to Fight Frizz

Keep frizz at bay with regular hydration to fight dryness. Dryness is the culprit that forces cuticles to lift up so that moisture can reach the hair shaft. Plenty of moisturizer means cuticles rest easy and lie flat. Here are hydrating tricks to avoid flyaways and keep hair sleek and smooth all day.

Conditioner. Leave a little conditioner in your hair whenever you shampoo so the moisturizer keeps on hydrating your strands.

Serum. Smooth serum through the mid-lengths to ends of your hair while your hair is still damp from shower or shampoo. Look for serum with silicones to seal in moisture and oils to hydrate hair.

Damp comb. When hair is still damp from towel drying, comb out with a wide-toothed comb. Brushing when hair is dry makes frizz worse.

Rough-dry.  Air-drying completely invites frizz. Blow-dry sections prone to frizz and use your fingers to tousle for just a minute. Let the rest of your hair air-dry.

Dry oil. Reach for dry oil in a spray form when hair starts to frizz. Dry oil doesn’t weigh your hair down when you need a midday touch-up.



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