Top Reasons For Puffy Under-eyes and Dark Circles

One of the most common beauty problems is puffy and dark under eyes. Whether you’re stressed or had too many sleepless nights, under-eyes can say a lot about your health. There are many different products designed specifically to lighten up those areas, but they don’t necessarily work on everyone – see what is causing your under eye puff and circles before you move forward with any treatment.

  1. A blue tint from under-eye veins

If your under-eyes look mainly blue rather than dark, chances are it’s caused by your blood vessels. The skin under your eyes is very thin, so the blue veins underneath may be a lot more visible, especially when exposed to light.

  1. You’re not protected from the sun

Sun exposure can cause a lot of damage to your skin, and your under-eye area is the most susceptible to the effects. Sun damage shows up there very quickly because of how fragile the area is. When the veins dilate and blood flow increases, the color is more noticeable underneath the eyes. Always make sure to wear your SPF before going out!

  1. You inherited it

That’s right! Your dark circles and puffy eyes can also be linked to genetics. But if that’s the case, there are procedures that can help brighten that area and get rid of those dark circles and puffiness using specific kinds of laser treatments.

  1. Eczema and rashes

While eczema itself may not lead to the dark circles, it does lead you to continuously rub that area due to itchiness. The rubbing leads to inflammation and broken blood vessels, which cause a dark appearance.

  1. Allergies

Skin conditions like eczema aren’t the only reason that can cause your under-eye issues. Allergies can cause blood vessels to dilate, and that, in turn, may lead to them looking more prominent under the eyes. You can talk to your dermatologist if you suffer from allergies for a more specific treatment.

  1. Your makeup may cause irritations.

If you’re using any makeup product, whether it’s mascara, eye shadow, or even concealer, it could irritate your skin, especially around the sensitive eye area.

How to Treat

In general, under eye masks, creams and smooth concealer are helpful for under-eye care. A cold eye mask put over the eyes helps with puffiness. Applying a cold spoon on your closed eyes will also help do the trick. Cosmetic surgery should be a very last case scenario if it’s something that really bothers you.

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