How To Read More

If you want to improve your life in 2020, make time to read. Reading can help you manage your anxiety, make better decisions, have better focus, and be more productive.

To make it more likely that you are going to read, create a curated list of books that you want to read in the upcoming year.

 Create an Idea of Who You Want To Be

Whether you want to be a person who is good with money or a person that doesn’t procrastinate, think about what you want to achieve by the end of the year. You want to create an idea of who that ideal person is so you can start looking for books that will support and help you on the journey of becoming that person.

 Carry Your Book With You

We often feel like there isn’t enough time in the day for reading. However, if you bring the book you are reading with you, you can read while waiting in line or on public transport. You’d be surprised how many opportunities there are to read during the day.

Know When To Quit

We’ve all been there, we are excited about the book, but when we start reading it, it’s just not what we have imagined. There is nothing wrong about not finishing it. If you don’t enjoy the book you are reading, simply stop reading it and find something else that will spark your interest.

Read Multiple Books

If you find it hard to finish a book you’ve started and got bored quickly, you should try reading multiple books at once. This will prevent you from getting bored with a book. You may feel different about what you would like to learn from day to day, and having options allows you to jump from interest to interest.

Prioritize Reading

To read more, buying books isn’t enough. You have to prioritize reading over other activities and find time in your day. Try skipping your TV show or spend less time on social media to find the time to read.

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