Tips & Tricks to Travel Light this Vacay Season

It’s official: your Monday blues have turned into the winter blues. With the end of the holiday season and the flip of the calendar, the only gift coming your way is the opportunity to escape the long, cold, dull and dark months. To avoid having to check a piece of luggage and keep packing to a minimum, read on. It’s all about the carry-on for the win.

First things first, plan accordingly. Before gathering your belongings and making a last-minute run for to-dos & toiletries answer these three “W” questions:

  1. Where are you going?
  2. What will you be doing?
  3. Who are you going with?

The Stay-cation

If you’re keeping close to home, kicking it for a couple of days and saving a few bucks, you should be good to go with hand luggage. Cut down on the accessories, keep the pairs of shoes to a minimum and follow the double-double rule. No one says you can’t wear the same casual tee or comfy sweater on back-to-back days. Plus, stick to one set of pjs.

The Weeklong Getaway

If you’re heading to the airport for a full-on vacay – most likely to catch some sun and ride some waves – traveling light requires a little more thought and technique. As a general note: aim to carry less, reduce weight and pack multi-purpose products and wear. In addition to making a list of top takes, consider the organization of your belongings. Hello, pockets and packing cubes!

Purchase a backpack or carry-on that offers a number of compartments for specific packing needs. Tip: leave your laptop at home. During a rest and relaxation trip, it’s important to unwind and unplug. Tip two: mix, match and decide on your outfit for each day of your getaway. For those that like to have options on the go, learn to swap multiple outfits for a couple of layers. Anyway, you’ll probably be spending most of your time poolside, showing off your new swimsuit and sandals.

The More Than a Month Adventure

Speaking from experience, it’s fact: the only way to travel long-term successfully is with a backpack. With this in mind, you’ll want to travel light in order to avoid wonky wheels and pesky back & body pains. In addition to packing ahead of time, practice prioritizing over pampering and primping.

FYI: if you run out of the basics such as soap, deodorant, and toothpaste, you can easily re-stock along the way. Also, laundry is your friend while living on the road. Put together the must-haves not the nice-to-haves and pack one week’s worth of clothing. To save room – especially for gifts and souvenirs – look into investing in compression bags and/or folding boards.

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