The Secrets to Beachy Waves

We can’t be the only ones who thought beachy waves were fairly effortless, only to find out this “natural” look often requires some serious work! But don’t fret: We’ve got some secrets to help you achieve beachy waves with minimal hassle.

Don’t Forget to Prep

Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Trygstad insists that perfect waves don’t come from styling alone; they need the proper products and preparation. The ideal prep for beach waves starts with wet hair. Next, add your favorite products to give it texture and enhance any natural curl.

Braids and Heat

It’s time to style. When you’re in a rush or you just can’t be bothered, flat-ironing braided hair is a fast, easy way to get the beachy look. First, braid your hair into two plain braids and add hair ties. Heat your flat iron to medium heat, then hold it closed at the top of the braid. Open it, move down, and repeat until you reach the end of the braid.

Invest in a Wave Iron

A wave iron is a bit like a crimper in that it presses the hair to shape it, but it often has three round barrels that create uniform waves around the head. For the best results, start by spraying a lightweight hairspray throughout your hair. To style, open the iron and close it on a strand near your roots. Then, open again and move down toward the next unstyled area. Continue this until you reach the bottom of the strand, then repeat all around the head.

Just Use a Curling Iron

For waves instead of curls, opt for a curling iron with a larger barrel. Use large sections of hair to keep your tresses from getting too curly.

Get Wavy While You Sleep

You probably already know this, but let us remind you: Sleeping in braids is an easy way for heatless waves. Depending on the amount of hair you have, section it off into two or more braids and sleep on them. When you wake up, let the braids out and finger-comb as needed. If this method doesn’t work, try braiding the hair while damp for more intensity.

Seal It In

We covered preparation, now let’s talk about how to make your beachy waves last. You will want to use a light-hold hairspray so your hair remains bouncy but doesn’t fall out.

With these tips, you’ll be looking like you just stepped off the beach in no time! Finally – creating beach waves can be as effortless as they look.

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