The Results Are In! Best Diet Systems Of 2017 Ranked

If you got a nickel for every diet and weight loss system out there, you’d no doubt be rich. There are so many on the market (with new ones joining every day), that it can be hard to separate the ones that work from ones that don’t. Aside from going with what’ll make you lose weight the fastest, you also want to make sure that your diet is safe and will prevent chronic diseases.

To help you wade through the jungle of systems out there, here’s a list of the top diets ranked by U.S. News. To make the cut, these diets had to be safe, easy to follow, nutritious and effective for weight loss. They also had to ward off against heart disease and diabetes.

Take a look:

DASH Diet: This well-balanced diet was primarily developed to fight high blood pressure. You are to consume more potassium, calcium and fiber.

MIND Diet: This diet is specifically designed to improve brain health and features a variety of foods such as nuts and vegetables.

Mayo Clinic Diet: This diet has been around for a while and is perfect to ward against diabetes and weight gain.

Biggest Loser Diet: This diet is perfect for short term weight loss. Most even believe that it capitalizes off of the name of the show.

Flat Belly Diet: This diet claims to help you achieve a flatter belly and is safe for nutrition purposes.

Abs Diet: Just like the Flat Belly Diet, this diet is designed to drop the belly fat.

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