The Best Ways to Remove Makeup

Makeup wipes are not good for the environment, nor are they good for your skin. Plus, they don’t even remove all your makeup. Makeup wipes have you fooled. You swipe them across your face and see so much come off, which makes you believe your skin is free of all that oil and gunk. But, on top of not getting your skin as clean as it should be, most wipes have severely drying ingredients that irritate the skin and harm your moisture barrier, leaving your skin lackluster and dull.

Toss out those wipes, and start removing your makeup the right way.

Eye makeup remover

The first thing you want to do when you are removing your makeup is to wipe away the stubborn stuff. Any long-wearing products like waterproof mascara, liner, or liquid lipstick should go first.

Go in with a separate oil for this purpose. I recommend Glossier Milky Oil (Shop here). It is non-irritating, cruelty-free, affordable, and even moisturizing to those delicate areas of the face.

Apply some to a soft makeup washcloth, and gently hold over the eye with slight pressure for a few seconds. There is no need to tug or rub. The oil will break down the product on its own. Gently swipe away any excess and then you can move on to the rest of the face.

Cleansing Oil or Balm

Once you’ve gotten rid of the stubborn makeup products, it is time to work on the skin. Whether your skin is dry or combination skin, you will benefit from an oil cleanser. Apply a cleansing oil to dry skin, and gently rub it in with your fingertips to break down your makeup. Then add water to emulsify and cleanse away impurities. Using an oil-based product can also help balance your skin’s oil production.

For an affordable and cruelty-free option, I recommend iUNIK Calendula Complete Deep Cleansing Oil (Shop here). It is full of nourishing oils, and has no added fragrance or animal products. It is suitable for all skin types and, most importantly, it is effective at removing your makeup.

Double cleanse

Double cleansing may seem excessive to some, but it is an important step if you wear makeup or SPF. After using a cleansing oil, you want to cleanse with what you would use in the morning. Pick a cleanser that suits your skin. If you have acne-prone skin, go for something with salicylic acid. If you have dry skin, go for a cream-based cleanser. If you have oily skin, opt for a gel cleanser.

This will not only remove any tiny bits of makeup left behind, but also any of the cleanser that you didn’t properly rinse off. From here, gently pat your skin dry and follow up with your skincare routine. This will help your skin stay fresh and clean.


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