Why Do You Actually Need More Houseplants?

Aloes, succulents, and cacti – oh my!  Is your counter jam-packed? Are your end tables exploding? Even if you have an endless amount of plants, once you know the benefits of keeping houseplants, you’ll crave even more.


It’s hard not to be anxious with the current state of the world, and your home should be the safest space. Cozy pants, fuzzy socks, warm blankets, and teapots are a start – but indoor plants seal the deal. Studies have shown that the presence of plants leads to a sense of comfort. In addition, gardening tasks are shown to lower our bodies’ stress response! “Horticultural Therapy” is a real thing, and it’s been used for centuries.

Breathe Easier

You learned in high school science class that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Well, oxygen is what we breathe! Photosynthesis scrubs contaminants from the air. So, an added bonus of home plants is that they can purify your air!

Certain types of plants are better purifiers than others. A few that are good for air purification are ficus trees, rubber trees, gerbera daisies, golden pothos, spider plants, Boston ferns, areca, lady, dwarf date, and bamboo palms.

Get an Immunity Boost

How can a plant help keep you from getting sick? It’s kind of complicated. Here’s a super-simplified explanation: plants take in water from their roots, some of which later evaporates out of their leaves, which adds humidity to the air. And, if you didn’t know, humidity equals better health. Dry air in your home leads to dry skin, sore throats, and coughs. Not only does a plant’s little hydration boost keep your skin and throat healthy – it makes it harder for viruses like the flu to survive! (Source)

Amplify Any Space

Plants are good for your health, but let’s not forget that they’re also good for your aesthetic. You can dress up even the most boring all beige rental with some luscious greenery. Set them on the floor, hang them up, or place them on a surface – the options are endless!

Not sure where to put your plants? Try creating a seating area for an inviting space that doubles as a productivity booster. Another option is putting plants front and center; surround your TV stand with taller tree-variety plants or pile its surface with lots of smaller plants in funky pots to create a focal point. If you’re lacking floor space, create a hanging wall of plants (similar to the currently-trending hat wall) or get yourself an open shelving unit for enhanced vertical plant storage.

Your plants are working for you day in and day out. Now, pay it forward and add some to your home! Head over to the local garden center and begin your hunt for the next green baby moving into your home.


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