Ritz-Carlton Lotion Wins a Cult Following

What’s so special about Ritz-Carlton’s lotion? The hotel stocks its Asprey Purple Water products in its rooms, and the lotion has won quite a cult following.

Ritz-Carlton introduced Asprey Purple Water amenities globally in 2013 to bring travelers the very best in hotel amenities and appeal to guests’ desire for luxury products. Since then, travel publications have extolled the lotion’s high-quality scent.

“This spicy citrus scent almost smells like money and is synonymous with the luxury brand The Ritz-Carlton,” said one travel website. Another noted that “Asprey is one of the world’s oldest and most revered luxury goods houses, dating back to 1781” and said that the brand is “synonymous with luxury and refinement.”

“Smooth on our signature scent by Asprey to transport your senses to fresh lemon groves and fields of orange flowers,” says the description on Ritz-Carlton’s website. “Punctuated with notes of spicy ginger and sweet orange flowers, this complex blend is bright, earthy and lightly lingers on your skin, pleasantly surprising you throughout the day.”

The price of a 10-ounce bottle of hand and body lotion on Ritz-Carlton’s website is $37.50. The lotion is also available at boutiques in the hotels.


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