Opposite Nail Polish Colors Team Up for a Harmonious Look

You’ve probably already discovered certain nail polish pairings you love without realizing why they are so appealing together. Once you’ve learned the art, you can go on to create nail designs that are the envy of Instagram. Your nail polish pairings always will be harmonious, and you’ll use those skills to choose shades that coordinate best with your wardrobe.

The secret to mixing up a stunning nail polish combo is found in color theory. When opposite hues on the color wheel are paired, they create complementary color schemes and eye-catching contrast.

Team Lilac and Green for an Uplifting Twosome

For a complementary look that is fresh, natural, and feminine, try pairing shades of lilac and green. Both are summer-ready hues that have made their way to the forefront of trending nail polish colors.

Lilac Is Having a Major Fashion Moment

Lilac is having a major moment in fashion right now, with designer clothing trends further influencing the popularity of the nail color. The cheerful, feminine shade adds a subtle pop of color and looks good on everyone. A close cousin to lilac is lavender, a light to medium purple with a bluish tinge.

Lilac Shades to Try

[from left to right….]

Wisteria Haze by CND Vinylux ($7.25, shop here) // A Fiori by Cirque Colors ($12.50, shop here) //

Midnight in Paris by Ella+Mila ($10.50, shop here) // No. 83 Heliotrope Purple by Côte ($18, shop here) // Lilacism by Essie ($9, shop here) // No.47 Amethyst Purple by Sundays ($18, shop here)

Green Is THE Summer Shade

You can’t go wrong with any shade of green nail polish in summer. We love a bright lime paired with a pastel lilac, which instantly delivers visions of vacation. Warmer earthy greens, anywhere from dark olive to spring green, provide a perfect contrast with lavender. Or, go all in on the trend with a deep, mossy green that really stands out. Another unexpected shade to try this season is a more neutral grassy green that will go with almost anything you wear.

Green Shades to Try

[from left to right….]

Feelin Just Lime by Essie ($8.99, shop here) // Sweet Pea by Sally Hansen ($6.99, shop here) // Camo by LaPierre Cosmetics ($15, shop here) // Pear-adise Cove by OPI ($10.50, shop here) // Cacti on the Prize by Essie ($8.99, shop here) // Meditate by Rooted Woman ($15, shop here)


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