Prepare for a Productivity Purge

A productivity purge is designed to make you as productive as possible and complete tasks in a shorter time than you would have otherwise. So how do you prepare for a productivity purge? We have a few helpful tips to get you started.

Create an Itemized To-Do List

Sometimes, assessing what’s on your to-do list is the first step toward getting through it. First, take a moment to create an all-inclusive to-do list, from small, minuscule tasks to larger, more overwhelming projects.

From here, start to prioritize your list. Which items are the most important? Which are the most time-sensitive? Once you organize your list, you can narrow it down to the tasks to which you should be dedicating most of your time.

Knock Out Old Tasks Weighing You Down

As your to-do list grows, you likely have started putting off older tasks due to more immediate priorities coming across your desk. But eliminating some of those older, smaller projects can help you better focus before you forward.

Start your day early to knock some of those “other” projects out before lunchtime, leaving you plenty of time to focus on the more important tasks ahead.

Step Outside of Your Inbox

Email inboxes can be problematic because they constantly leave us feeling like we need to immediately respond to get ahead of an influx of emails. This can distract you from your tasks at hand and make you less productive.

First, take the time to clear out your inbox and prioritize the items within it. Then, schedule a window of time where you won’t be checking emails so that you can focus on the project you’re looking to complete.

Clean Up Your Space

A clean workspace is a productive workspace. When you feel cluttered in your physical surroundings, you are more likely to feel crowded in your mental space, thus impacting your concentration and how you work.

Get Rid of That Stress

When we’re stressed, we’re likely less productive, as it’s hard to focus on anything aside from that stress. Before going through a productivity purge, try reducing your stress as much as possible. Your form of stress relief may be clearing out your inbox or cleaning up your workspace – or you may need to take your stress relief a step further and get in a good workout or treat yourself to an extended lunch.

Productivity can be challenging when you feel weighed down by numerous projects. A productivity purge cuts through the tasks that can wait while simultaneously helping you tackle some major projects. Implement these helpful tips into your workday, and you can be knocking things off that to-do list in no time!


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