I Tried Olive & June- Here’s What I Thought

Image via Olive & June The Mani System

To say “I’m not the best at painting my nails” would be the ultimate understatement. Something about death-gripping that tiny cap and, somehow, not smearing polish all over my cuticles is next to impossible for me. And even if I miraculously succeed getting most of the polish on my nails and not my fingers, my polish chips within the next few days, no matter the method or topcoat I used.

So, when the pandemic hit, I was screwed. I felt lost as I roamed the aisles of Target, desperately searching for a new and fresh color of polish to try out for the winter months, but I could not find anything worth my time. That was until I stumbled upon Olive & June. (Shop here)With a quick Instagram search, I felt reassured that with about 370,000 followers, they must be doing something right. I chose the color Grateful & Kind, which is a feminine and bold shade of hot pink. Feeling determined to master the at-home method, I also purchased their cuticle serum, topcoat, primer, and The Poppy, which is a handle you attach to the cap to make it easier to grip onto when painting.

I went home, removed my polish, filed and shaped my nails, and applied the primer. Once the primer was completely dry, I applied the polish with The Poppy attached. Let me say, for my shaky hands, this tool was a God-send; it helped me feel more in control of the brush, which is key for less mistakes. I applied a thin coat, let it dry, and went in for a second coat. As far as the primer goes, I think it helped the color go on smoothly.

Once my second layer of polish was dry, I applied a topcoat layer, which sealed everything in and even flattened out my nail’s uneven areas. The finishing touch was going over my cuticles with the cuticle oil. I love this oil. Where has this product been my whole life?!

The shade of pink is gorgeous and not for the meek. Though this color screams spring and summer, I like its bold contrast to these gloomy winter months.

I work from home and have a baby, so I spend a lot of my day playing and cleaning. I’d say I am pretty rough on my nails, but I didn’t notice a chip until day four; nevertheless, this chip was minuscule. More chips appeared on the seventh day, and I decided it was time to re-do my nails.

All in all, I like this brand, a lot. My favorite part of this manicure, again, was the cuticle oil. My nail-beds looked much better! I would repurchase Olive & June because I love their color selection and overall aesthetic. Additionally, they sell nail stickers, which I can’t wait to get my hands on!

I still miss picking up a coffee, heading to the nail salon, over-analyzing my color choice, and dozing off in the massage chair. Nevertheless, Olive & June has satisfied my quarantined self-care cravings and helped me find a cheaper way to feel fabulous and manicured at home.

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