How to Style Fine Hair

Arguably, the trendiest hairstyle right now is the thick and voluminous layered blowout. But those of us with fine hair know all too well that even with the best styling tools and products, we struggle to achieve that look. Here are some tips for styling fine hair.

For Full Ponytails

If you’re dying for a full ponytail à la Ariana Grande or Kim Kardashian, try this pony hack: Start by prepping your hair with a mousse or volumizing powder, then tease it at the roots to create fullness (and disguise any thin or bald spots). Once your roots are prepped, it’s time to make the ponytail. An easy approach to fullness is via a ponytail extension, which slides over or into your ponytail. You can also fake fullness in other ways, like this viral TikTok ponytail hack. Simply split your hair into two ponytails tied one on top of the other. Then, wrap half of the bottom pony over the top pony and secure it. This hides the first hair tie and creates a second layer of hair – and the result is an illusion of a (much) fuller ponytail.

Add Texture to Add Fullness

Of course, hair products can assist with adding texture – and you should be sure to have texturizing sprays and creams on deck. But have you ever considered adding texture to achieve volume? A simple way to do this is by wearing braids overnight. When you undo them in the morning, you’ll have nice, full waves that make a great base for a variety of styles.

Enhance Your Hairline (And Cover Up Thinning Spots)

If your hairline is a little thin or you notice visible areas of your scalp, don’t fret. Covering them up is easy. Just grab a product designed for root coverage (they come as spray-ons, powders, brush-ons, and more) and apply it to the area of concern. Your sparse hairline will look well-covered and maintain the illusion of fullness.

Good Hair Is All in the Roots

As mentioned, your roots are vital in pulling off a full, luscious look. Root touch-up products and volumizing sprays are a no-brainer, but what about the method of attack? You’ll get the best results if you work with damp roots. For maximum impact, apply your product right to the roots, then blow-dry upwards. A little bit of teasing never hurts, either!

Want the full look but don’t have the thick locks for it? These tips will help you fake it so you can rock the hairstyles of your dreams.

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