Customize Hair Streaks to Take Off Years

Taking years off your look can be as simple as lightening your hair’s shade with the right technique. Customize your technique to find the best strategy for your hair color.


Brunettes will find that balayage can disguise the gray strands that are most obvious in darker hues. The celebrity-trending method of freehand painting allows for a sun-kissed, natural-looking hair color similar to the effect that nature gives children.

Unstructured sunny highlights mask pesky grays and frame the face with streaks that accentuate best features such as bright eyes and high cheekbones.


Babylights are superfine streaks that also mimic the way the sun lightens a child’s hair. These thin streaks are great at adding needed vivid color to red hair, which tends to lose luster when the smaller pigment molecules in red dye fades quickly. Superfine streaks give strands added shine by casting light.


Soft ombre enlivens black hair with a pop of three-dimensional color. Dark strands tend to look lifeless because they lack depth. A soft ombre gradually lightens from mid-forehead to ends.

Volumizing Chunks

Going blonde helps hide allover gray hair, but the lighter shade also emphasizes that hair is thinning. Create a contrast to add depth and make locks look thicker by plumping hair up with thick, chunky platinum streaks.



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