Are Eyelash Extensions Right For You?

Eyelash extensions are a beauty trend that will continue increasing in popularity. With the number of different eyelash extensions available continually expanding, there are now more choices than ever when it comes to enhancing your eyes. If you’re new to false lashes or lash extensions in general, then you may wonder if eyelash extensions are right for you.

Although there are many benefits to having eyelash extensions such as less time applying makeup, there are also some things you should consider before booking in for your first set of eyelash extensions, to confirm whether they are actually right for you.

Can You Afford Them?

First things first, no matter how much you might like the idea of getting eyelash extensions, the reality is they are an expensive commitment to keep up with. Prices vary in different salons. However, it is a treatment that requires regular upkeep in the form of ‘lash infills.’ Every 2-3 weeks, it is recommended that you book a lash infill to ensure your lashes remain in the best condition possible and to replace any that have fallen out. You should consider the cost of this, and work out whether you can afford the upkeep before you commit to getting them done.

Is The Maintenance Too Much?

As well as costing a fair bit of money, eyelash extensions also require home maintenance in between appointments such as regular brushing, avoiding certain products such as oil-based cleansers or makeup, and also gentle cleaning.

Be warned – everyone goes through lash growth cycles and you may loose a lot of lashes after getting an infill, but this is natural and not lash extension induced (unless its a reaction). Some lash salons will give you a touch up for free if you go through a lash growth cycle right after an infill.

Are Your Eyes Sensitive? 

Another thing to consider is whether eyelash extensions will actually suit you, your skin and your eyes. If you have sensitive eyes or aren’t used to wearing false lashes, then lash extensions may appear ‘alien’ and uncomfortable to you once applied. You might want to start with a more natural look and build up from there. If you have a chemical reaction to the glue, you might not be able to continue to wear them. (Remember, before any lash appointment, you should always have a patch test!)

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