Are Beauty Supplements Worth the Hype?

You can find beauty supplements anywhere from the grocery store, pharmacy, beauty retailers, and even social media. They come packaged in gummy form, skincare capsules, smoothie powders and more. But are they healthy, safe, and worth the cost? First, it’s important to know that vitamins and supplements are not FDA-approved. According to FDA consumer reports, dietary supplements are only regulated as a food by the FDA and not drugs. Supplements are a part of a multibillion-dollar industry, so they must work if they’re so in demand, right? Well, not necessarily. Just like those diet teas, a lot of brands make promises they can’t live up to and it’s perfectly legal. Naturally, consumers want clearer skin, healthier nails and hair, and as long as that’s true in society, people will pay for it.

Some organic beauty supplements create unique ingredients and formulations and then there are the brands that clone popular products and retail at a lower cost.

So, What’s the Takeaway?

Nothing compares to a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, hydration, and exercise cannot be replaced with a miracle supplement.

Many of these beauty supplements won’t harm you, but there may be risks for allergies. For instance, some people have reactions to biotin – a common ingredient in hair, skin, and nail supplements. Always check the ingredients, and start slow with any new supplement.

Beware of taking an excessive dose of any vitamin. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), supplemental vitamin D helps prevent many diseases, however, taking beyond what is recommended can potentially cause harm. Some vitamins can be toxic at high levels, so be sure to read the labels and do your research. But, does that make them worth the money? Beauty supplements can range anywhere from $10 per month to well over $80 per month. Overall, there isn’t enough research to make any actual claims. While some people rave about the benefits of beauty supplements, they are also willing to invest money and time on skincare and a healthy diet. Moisturizers, SPF, and other methods like proper nutrition may be causing the change they’re seeing.

The thing is, most beauty supplements are just multivitamins with a more alluring label. This means they aren’t necessary for achieving a healthy body or healthy skin unless you are actually deficient. With that said, beauty supplements don’t need to be avoided at all costs. If something catches your eye, just look into it. Do your research before putting something in your body.

Find companies that share their ingredients and nutritional facts clearly. You want actual research and studies that show results, not just before and after photos. If a brand was created by medical experts, even better. You want credible people and sources behind the product.

Based on research, dermatologists, and other experts, the consensus is pretty similar. Beauty supplements aren’t always necessary, but they also usually aren’t harmful. For those searching for a supplement to help with acne, sun damage, or aging, you can get some benefits from beauty supplements; just don’t get your expectations high for fast results. It may take up to 3 months to see a difference – if at all.

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