A Brief Guide to Maximalist Fashion

Image Cher  via insider.com

In fashion terms, minimalism refers to simple shapes, neutral colors, head-to-toe monochromatic attire with a polished and tailored look. Minimalist trends like elegant silhouettes, clean lines, and neutral tones are classic and a simple way to curate a solid capsule wardrobe. But today, we’re discussing the opposite end of the spectrum––maximalism.

What is maximalism? 

Maximalism refers to a bold sense of style created with a combination of patterns, bright colors, tons of bling, and anything seemingly over-the-top. If done well, they will go together perfectly. Maximalists adorn their bodies with patterns, colors, and shapes in the most original ways, creating a fashion masterpiece.

Cher, Iris Apfel, and Gwen Stefani are just a few high-profile fashionistas that have perfected the art of maximalism.

(Cher, insider.com)

(Iris Apfel, adweek.com)

(Gwen Stefani, billboard.com)

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite items that would make excellent pieces to create the masterpieces that are maximalists outfits.

Leopard Print Skirt 

(image via whowhatwear.com)

Leopard print skirt in Midi, Mini, Maxi–– the choice is all yours.  A leopard print skirt is a great staple for an outfit that is a little all over the place in the best possible way. Our advice is to opt for a more toned-down shoe, then go wild on top. Pair your skirt with a bright, bold print jacket or a crop top and colorful blazer. Find some vintage sunnies, a purse that’s an off-the-wall shape or size, and some statement earrings. The street will be your runway. (Or the grocery store aisle or whatever!)

A Furry Statement Jacket

(image via stylecaster.com)

Pick your poison when determining the length of the coat, as well as the color or pattern. The fun and refreshing thing about maximalism is you can pair your favorite colors and designs every time, and you’ll look killer. Maybe a hot pink furry jacket a la Elle Woods is your thing, or perhaps you prefer checker print. It’s all up to your bold, beautiful self. When putting an outfit together, we say go for a colored pant that complements your palette (maximalism means you have perfected the art of controlled chaos). Add statement jewelry of your choosing and you’ve got yet another stunning, slightly over-the-top (in the best possible way) ensemble.

A Loud Sweater.

(image via stylecaster.com)

A loud sweater is open to interpretation. First, loud can be relative depending on who you are dressing.  Second, the point of maximalism is to be bold and stand out. Consider your favorite print or texture to seamlessly execute this look; for instance, if you adore paisley, search for a bold, bright paisley print sweater to rock with a printed mini skirt. If you’re all about texture, consider a pom pom sweater to pair with some overly destructed denim. You can always tone down prints with a solid shoe or handbag. Solid pairings doesn’t mean boring. Choose a funky color, a solid shoe, and a handbag to focus the attention on your amazing outfit.

Hopefully, these fashion icons and tips give you the inspiration you need to start or continue your journey as a maximalist. Visit your local thrift stores for some unique pieces to start building from, but most importantly, have fun. Fashion is all about expressing yourself in a positive, fun way.


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