6 Squat Exercises That’ll Burn Off Every Cheat Meal

A cheat meal is a meal where you treat yourself outside of your normal eating routine. Instead of feeling guilty about it, lighten up. Your weight won’t get completely out of whack because of it, especially if you incorporate these calorie burning tricks.

Here’s a list of exercises you can do whenever you indulge in a “cheat meal”. Keep in mind, it’s not a good idea to cheat every day.  If you only cheat once a week, these tips should work just fine for you. Okay, here we go!

Goblet Squat: Not only is this squat good for proper form, but it’s also great for helping you burn more calories. This exercise has a range of movements that help engage multiple muscle groups.

Squat With Overhead Press: This exercise works the lower body, especially the legs.

Squat Jumps: With the jump squat, the idea is to accelerate at the top of the movement, transferring strength in to the power. This is a strength exercise and it’s great for burning calories.

Walking Side Squat: If you want to work out the outer hip muscles, and the glutes, try the walking side squat. Doing a series of these alternating from one leg to other also helps to strengthen lower body muscles.

Kettlebell Front Squats: This exercise will help to improve coordination, core strength and leg power.

Squat with Front Kick: Adding kicks to your squats really ups the cardio, and improves balance. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

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