5 Terms You Always Hear In Fitness Class That May Be Confusing

Have you ever heard a fitness term that left you totally confused? Maybe you heard it during yoga, in a group class, or on a fitness video. Even though a lot of fitness terms are commonly used, if you’re new to working out, the term may not make sense at all. Let’s demystify some of the terms now, by going through 5 common workout terms to decipher what they really mean:

Engage Your Core: This term is heard very often and could leave you confused, especially if you’re a newbie. You hear this so much because it’s important for preventing back injury and for ensuring that you’re working out the muscles that you really want to work out.

This doesn’t mean to suck in your stomach. It just means you are using your belly as a brace to keep the spin stable and to ensure correct breathing.

Activate Your Core: This means the same thing as ‘engage your core’ where you use your midsection to brace your back and spine.

Balance On Sit Bones: Also know as sitz or sitting bones, this position refers to sitting on your bum. You may not be able to find the exact bones due to the cushion of the butt, but if you sit straight, you’ll notice that it is the bone at the very base.

Lengthen the Spine: This position is also known as ‘elongate the spine’. After years of improper posture and daily activities, your spine gets pulled forward. Doing this exercise properly will help to make the spine more flexible and improve posture.

Resist the Weight: This cue is to remind you not to allow gravity to control the movement. As you lower a weight to the floor, you are to keep control and not let it instantly flop.

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